Grass Cutting in the Dry Months

Common mistakes made during  dry hot months is cutting your lawn to short. When the weather is dry an hot with no rain you should cut your grass at a higher length. When you cut at a higher length this will allow your lawn to have a fresh cut and will make for a healthier thicker lawn and will help prevent weed growth. Another way to keep your lawn healthy is to mulch the grass instead of bagging it. When you mulch the grass it puts all the nutrients back into the lawn as bagging the grass clipping deprives the lawn of the nutrients. Leaving the left over grass clippings will also create a thatch layer that will help hold the moisture, protect the roots from the beating sun, and help shade the soil. During dry months you should also make sure your lawn receives at least  an inch of water per week. Let us help you keep your lawn maintained give us a call @ (330) 454-8525

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