Lawn Grubs and Why You Should Treat

What Are Lawn Grubs?

Lawn Grubs are also called white grubs, they are the immature form of beetles. They are C shaped with white soft bodies and have brown heads with legs on them. They will eventually turn to adult beetles and emerge from the soil to mate and lay eggs which will hatch into more grubs.These  lawn grubs feed on the grass and lawn roots along with the organic matter in the soil which kills your lawn.

How to Detect and Treat them

Different ways to to detect lawn grubs are, you will start to notice brown patches in your lawn, your turf will start to feel spongy, or birds, skunks, and raccoon’s will start tearing up your lawn (they eat grubs). You can also check by digging up a piece of you lawn that is 1ft square and 2-4 inches deep. If you have grubs you will be able to see them in the soil feeding.

It is best to treat for grubs in the mid to late summer, this is when the newly hatched grubs are feeding and are most susceptible to pesticides. Our preventative pesticide will kill the grubs present at the time of treatment along with those that hatch during the season. Don’t let Grubs take over your lawn let us prevent and get rid of them. For pricing or any questions call our office at (330) 454-8525.

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